Keep the Flu at Bay with a Hand Sanitizer Giveaway!

Hand Sanitizer GiveawayThe frenzy over the flu seems to have calmed down a bit recently, but did you know that flu season actually continues through April? Plus, although many of us took precautions and got vaccinated back in the fall, remember that for many the vaccine was hard to come by this year, and not everyone opted for it.

As such, the flu should still be a concern to conference planners who are putting together large events over the next coming months. One of the best tips for keeping you and your attendees healthy is to keep your hands clean. Since your exhibitors and guests can't keep running back and forth between the tradeshow floor and presentations to wash their hands, providing hand sanitizer as a giveaway is a great idea.

You can get hand sanitizer as keychain bottles, pocket sprays, even in gel-pen bottles—all of which can be customized with your company or event logo and colors, of course. Get really creative with a hand-shaped bottle of hand sanitizer, such as the three-ounce example pictured here, which is sold through

If you really want to take things up a notch, Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier has a designer hand sanitizer, believe it or not, featuring a stylish bottle design and coconut-bergamot scent. It will set you back $5 for just two ounces, though, as opposed to the mere pennies you'll usually pay for bulk bottles from other companies.

You can keep your guests protected and healthy at your events without being a nag. Including hand sanitizer in your giveaways is practical, economical, and fun!
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