"Let's Get Business Meetings Back on Their Feet," Ben Stein Says

Remember back in March when I blogged about Ben Stein's op-ed in The New York Times, "Don't Blame the Business Trip"? You can also watch Stein share his views via video at CBS News.

Stein decries the effects of President Obama's so-called crusade against lavish business meetings for companies that have been bailed out.

"The notion has gone around the nation that Uncle Sam does not want business meetings at all," Stein says. "By the hundreds, maybe the thousands, business meetings and conventions are being canceled for no good reason. The cancellations meant that business people, sales people, professionals cannot get together and share what they've learned about getting through the recession."

Obama's comments regarding meetings and events caused some indignation in the industry, and rightfully so. But although he hasn't exactly apologized for them, his position no longer seems to be a flat-out "no meetings" stance.

Stein's points about the value of meetings certainly ring true, but I'm not sure if I agree that persuading Obama is what we need right now,. Rather, industry professionals should be persuading the public, and even companies themselves, that we should keep America meeting.

Check out the full video clip below:

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