Leverage Your Meeting's Value to Cut Costs

I subscribe to Meetings & Convention's Hot Idea of the Day, and sometimes I come across some pretty interesting tips. The other week, I read one regarding event transportation.

Marci Bracco, a Monterey, California-based event planner, contacted local Mercedes dealerships to provide vehicles for attendees at a VIP sales event for a high-end real estate development firm. The dealers made arrangements for attendees to be driven in new Mercedes convertibles for free. Why? Because it was an opportune way to showcase the cars to qualified buyers.

Vendor Partnership HandshakeThis seems like such a simple, yet inspired way, to cut meeting costs. When it comes to venues, caterers, transportation providers and so on, it's all about partnerships.

Organizing a conference of IT professionals? Sounds like an ideal time to work with an audio-visual supplier that will provide services at a reduced cost in order to show off their new products. If you happen to be planning a reception for regional meeting and event planners, look for caterers or venues that want to partner with you so they can showcase themselves to planner attendees.

The strategy of forming win-win partnerships will certainly vary based on your event. Still, it's worth asking every time, What value is your event bringing to a supplier? How much is that worth?

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