Majority of Associations are Using Social Networks

Using Twitter at a ConferenceI recently blogged that over two-thirds of conference attendees are actively using Twitter during the event. Association planners are taking notice of their members' behavior, with a new study reporting that the majority of associations are using social media networks.

According to a survey by Omnipress, a Madison, Wisconsin-based producer of education meeting materials, of over 325 associations, 80 percent of respondents were using some sort of free or public social media network. Facebook was most popular, cited by 59 percent of respondents. LinkedIn was named by 46 percent, Twitter by 45 percent and YouTube by 25 percent.

Also interesting is that associations are not just using their existing social media networks to promote their events. About 19 percent of respondents said they have a conference-based social networking website solely dedicated to engaging conference participants before, during and after an event. About 27 percent are strongly considering creating such a site and 44 percent are interested in the idea.

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