Majority of Planners Have to Defend Meetings and Events

Planners Defend Meetings - Meetings & ConventionsAccording to a recent survey by Meetings & Conventions, 76 percent of meeting planners have said they had to defend upcoming meetings and events. The majority of these planners (38 percent) have only had to defend meetings and events for 2009, though 33 percent have had to defend those planned for both 2009 and 2010.

The type of event being planned seems to affect a planner's need to defend it. Over half of the respondents said it was a conference or tradeshow they had to defend. About 36 percent said they had to justify training sessions and 27 percent said they had to justify sales meetings.

So what types of tools are planners using to show the value of their meetings? An impressive 70 percent of planners said attendee surveys are their tool of choice for measuring meeting value. This was followed by commonsense appraisal of usefulness (62 percent); in-house ROI studies (36 percent); outsourced ROI evaluation service (7 percent); and dedicated software (3 percent).

Attendee satisfaction surveys are also important tools when it comes to sharing meeting value with management. The survey found that 67 percent of planners report satisfaction surveys to management, while 56 percent report savings surveys, and 44 percent report client satisfaction.
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