Meeting Planners Find Gadgets Important to Everyday Lives

In today's digital world, gadgets such as cell phones and MP3 players have become essentials in the lives of businesspeople, and meeting planners are no exception. According to recent research by MeetingNews, 97.5 percent of planners had at least one gadget on them when asked what was in their pockets right now. About 75 percent named cell phones, 49 percent said USB drives, 39 percent said digital cameras, and 35 percent said BlackBerry devices. MP3 players were named by 24 percent of respondents.

Of course, the type of gadget can vary based on a number of factors. The survey found that corporate planners are more likely to have a BlackBerry (44 percent). Women planners ages 41-50 are more likely to have USB drives (61 percent).

When it came to which gadget is most valuable in meeting planning, however, the results were clear: 58 percent said the cell phone. Would you agree?
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