Meeting Planning Tip: Keep Your RFP Length in Check

Many of our clients want to know, How do I get a qualified responses to my RFPs? There are many tips out there for boosting RFP response rate (in fact, you can check out a whole post on these tips here), but I felt it important to point out an important concept: a longer RFP is not necessarily a better one!

Many meeting planners want to pack their RFPs with information, some of it high level and some of it minute details. They think that a lengthy, detailed RFP betters their chances of finding a qualified venue. Wrong! A long RFP will not stop unsuitable suppliers from responding—in fact, many will just respond positively to nearly everything you require, then cite work-arounds for what it cannot offer. Plus, RFPs that number over 10 pages may even deter the suppliers that are suitable from responding.

Of course it's important to be detailed in your RFPs, but remember that you can be detailed AND concise. Provide some background, state your needs and requirements, and include the important factors that will affect your final decision.

To learn more about getting the most out of your RFPs and event sourcing, contact us about the Cvent Supplier Network today.
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