New Travel Initiative Goes into Effect June 1

In early April I blogged about the new Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative that could affect your U.S. or Canadian attendees traveling to the United States by land or sea. The new initiative goes into effect June 1, so make sure you've reviewed the policy, detailed at Get You Home.

WHTI-compliant documents for U.S. entry vary slightly based on citizenship, but include:

• U.S. or Canadian passports
• A U.S. Passport Card
• A state- or provinced-issued Enhanced Driver's License
• A Trusted Traveler Program Card

If this is all news to you, don't worry yet.

"We're not going to refuse entry to the U.S. of a returning American citizen," said Thomas Schrieber, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "But the person will be delayed until we're satisfied."

It may take several weeks for new document application and processing, so make sure to encourage your event attendees to start the process well before your event date.
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