Online Event Registration: It's Critical to Your Employment

One-third of planners do not use online registration, despite its ability to significantly improve your business processes and event management, according to Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP. In a recent interview with Incentives & Meetings International, Ball named online registration as one of the important tech trends when it comes to impacting meeting efficiency.

Why, exactly, some meeting planners have yet to adopt such technology is uncertain. It could be a resistance to change, or possibly the fact that with so many online event registration vendors out there, the process of choosing one is daunting.

Still, planners can't really afford to miss out, Ball stressed.

"We’re talking about mission-critical systems, and meeting planners can see those systems as critical to their employment," he told I&MI. "If registration messes up, for example, their job could be on the line. If they’re not using these technologies to improve efficiencies, their meetings simply won’t be efficient."

Online event registration truly does offer a number of benefits to meeting planners, so don't miss out! Whatever your reason for hesitation, feel free to contact Cvent to discuss—we're ready and willing to go over all your questions and concerns!

You can read the full article on Corbin Ball's advice, now available on PlannerWire.
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