Ray of Light: 3 Key Elements of Decor Lighting

Every year since 1931, the New York's Rockefeller Center becomes home to the National Christmas Tree. By day, this massive piece of greenery—reaching upwards of 90 feet—is quite impressive. However, there's a reason millions of people tune into its annual lighting ceremony. Just compare the daytime tree to its lighted counterpart. The lights make all the difference, and the same idea applies to your events.

Whether you start with a clean slate or the most richly-decorated venue, lighting can really make or break the backdrop of your event. But luckily, it can also be one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your event decor.

Below are the 3 most popular elements of decor lighting. Talk to your event lighting specialist about them for your next gathering!

Gobos. Gobos can create patterns with light and shadow, making them great for projecting images and logos for corporate events and theatrical performances. Wedding planners, for example, may project the couple's names or initials on the dance floor, while companies may use a custom gobo to project their image on the speaker podium at a reception.

Themed parties also benefit from standard gobo images, such as a Christmas tree at the holiday party or pumpkins at the fall fete.

Pin spots. Pin spots are ideal for calling attention to certain areas or items of your event decor. Usually, event planners and lighting specialists use them to cast light over centerpieces and floral arrangements. Corporate events can benefit from using pin spot lighting on a company logo or plaque.

Customizable to your event, pin spots can be used with colored gels and lenses, which can be paired together to create a unique look.

Up lights. As the name implies, these event lighting fixtures illuminate from the ground up. They're great for adding color to an otherwise blank wall canvas, and can also highlight fixtures (like columns and archways) that exist in the venue.

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