Save Time on RFPs with Cvent's New 'Copy Suppliers' Feature

Many meeting planners plan the same event (or events) on a regular basis, from annual user conferences to employee Christmas parties to quarterly training seminars. For these reasons, Cvent has long made it possible for meeting planners to copy, or clone, their RFPs.

Why spend time re-creating an RFP with virtually the same event details? By cloning your RFP, you can just copy an existing RFP you've already made for an event, then change details such as date or duration.

Now, we've made it possible for you to save even more time when you use the clone RFP feature. Available in our new release, planners can not only copy an existing RFP, but can also copy all suppliers associated with the RFP. This is great for regularly-held events during which you want to contact the same venues, or even for sourcing different events held in the same city.

Copy Associated Suppliers Feature

Make sure to copy your existing RFPs and copy associated suppliers when it makes sense for your event. You'll save time on RFP creation and on supplier searches.
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