Save Time with a Question Library for Your RFPs

You already know that using the Cvent Supplier Network to add customized questions to your RFPs (Requests for Proposals) helps you find the right supplier for your event. Whether you want complimentary transportation or an on-site audio-visual technician, you need to make sure you ask your venue for it. Otherwise, you'll receive quotes from suppliers who can't provide what you're looking for, or you'll miss out on services and amenities that venues would be more than happy to provide.

One new feature in Cvent's April 2009 release makes it even easier for you to create and add custom questions to your Requests for Proposals. Perhaps the majority of your meetings require wireless Internet access. Or maybe it's part of your meetings policy to find out how many meetings/events a venue hosts each year. Basically, the fact is that you likely have some questions that you'll want to use on every RFP you create and send out.

To accommodate this fact, the Supplier Network now features a question library where planners can write and save often-asked questions. Just create a question and save it to your library.

Create Question for RFP

Then, when you want to add a custom question to your RFP, you can create a unique question on the spot, or just choose an existing one from your already established library.

RFP Question Library

The question library is a great time-saving feature. Make and save your frequently asked questions just once, without losing the flexibility to create requests on your RFP that address your unique event needs.
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