Study Finds What to Serve at Breakfast Events

Stack of PancakesI just read what I thought was an interesting article from Restaurants & Institutions. As part of its 2010 New American Diner Study, R&I surveyed consumers to find out about their dining habits and what they want from restaurants at breakfast. They found that the most popular dish among diners is breakfast sandwiches, as 52.5 percent of respondents—particularly Gen Y diners, African Americans, Southerners, single diners and diners with children—choose this as their "breakfast of champions.

Meanwhile, pancakes—a personal favorite of mine—ranked second at 30.9 percent and particularly popular among "matures," African Americans and Hispanics. Muffins, doughnuts and other sweet baked goods came in as the favorite for only 15.9 percent of respondents.

This last part is what I really wanted to share on the blog. Whenever I attend a morning business meeting or event, without fail there has been a big spread of muffins, bagels and other baked goods. And I would have to say that I, too, rank them as last on my list of top breakfast options. So if others are with me, why is it that event planners always pick these items for their event menu?

Obviously, price is a major factor, and there's certainly something to be said for practicality—it's much easier to grab a blueberry muffin and sit down to watch a presentation than it is to juggle a stack of pancakes to your seat. 

But still, think of what you may gain by changing up your the food at your breakfast meetings. Not only will you please that 50+ percent of the audience (according to this study), you'll also keep their attention for longer. A breakfast sandwich—maybe made with some protein-packed eggs or whole wheat english muffins—will certainly keep your attendees' energy levels up longer than a sugar-packed muffin the size of your fist will. And when it comes to the early hours, you need to do everything you can to keep your guests' attention. Try it at your next event!

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