Super Bowl XLIII Brought High RevPAR to Tampa Bay

The economy may be down, but there are some big events that people are still willing to spend money on. Remember how the presidential inauguration attracted 1.8 million people to Washington, DC in January (and resulted in a 98 percent hotel occupancy on January 19)?

It looks like the Super Bowl XLIII was another such event. It brought a 110 percent increase in room occupancy and a 435 percent increase in revenue per available room to Tampa Bay, as compared to the same days last year.

Here are the exact stats:

Thursday, January 29: 14.3 percent increase (occupancy), 103.4 percent increase (RevPAR)

Friday, January 30: 36.9 percent increase (occupancy), 199.2 percent increase (RevPAR)

Saturday, January 31: 51.4 percent increase (occupancy), 270.7 percent increase (RevPAR)

Sunday, February 1: 110.4 percent increase (occupancy), 435.5 percent increase (RevPAR)
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