Tired of Pants on the Ground? How to Get Your Attendees Up to Dress Code

Tired of your event guests showing up with their pants on the ground? Well, I hope professional dress hasn't fallen that low yet. But still, it's a common complaint that tailored shirts and pressed pants have gone the way of rotary phones and typewriters. If you need help enforcing your dress code at your event, why not use Cvent's Dress Code data tag?

Just click the Select Data Tag button when managing your event emails and insert "Dress Code." The Dress Code you selected when creating your event will then appear in your email invitation, reminders—wherever you want it to be!

And remember, it's not really fair to expect attendees to follow a certain dress code when they don't even know what it means. So make sure to not only specify the dress code in your event marketing, but also to explain what it entails. For example, "Dress code is Business Formal. Dark suits—no tuxes—for men and tailored suits or dresses for women." Not only will this help you enforce your dress code, it also helps your event guests, who will undoubtedly appreciate the clarification.

Thanks to Cvent's Dress Code data tag, you can rest assured that you've done your best to make sure attendees don't show up under- or over-dressed. As for getting their pants off the ground, well, Cvent can't really prevent that...yet...

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