To Tweet or Not to Tweet Your Events: Is There a Right Answer?

TwitterThis week I wanted to know if you use Twitter to promote your meetings and events. I blogged that according to Nielsen, Twitter is among the top 10 fastest growing social media sites, attracting the likes of Amazon and Marriott.

But, to be fair, it's important to note that opinions on Twitter will certainly be different depending on who you ask. Take for example, a LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll conducted month asked both professionals involved in advertising decision-making and members of the general public to choose three ways to describe Twitter.

In the professionals group:

• 45 percent said "Twitter is something that is just in its infancy, and its use will grow exponentially over the next few years"
• 21 percent said "Twitter is something that mostly young people and the media will use, but it will not move more into the mainstream"
• 17 percent said "Twitter is already over and it's time to find the next best thing"
•17 percent had no opinion

Among the public group:

• 12 percent said Twitter will grow exponentially
• 12 percent said it won't go mainstream
• 8 percent said Twitter is over
• about 69 percent said they don't know enough about Twitter to have an opinion

The poll then asked each group whether Twitter is effective when it comes to promoting products and ideas. It's "very effective" to 8 percent of ad professionals and 8 percent of the public; "somewhat effective" to 50 percent of the professionals and 42 percent of the public; "not that effective" to 24 percent of professionals and 21 percent of the public; and "not at all effective" to 8 percent of professionals and 19 percent of the public.

Keep in mind, though, that this question was only posed to those who had expressed an opinion about Twitter—meaning 17 percent of the professional respondents and 69 percent of the public respondents were excluded.

So what does this mean for your meetings and events? Personally, I'm going to stand by my belief that it can be a useful marketing tool. That doesn't mean it's the most effective, and that doesn't mean it's the only way to market. You have to do what works for you.

But when it comes down to it, Twitter is simple to use, requires minimum time and resources, and is free! For all that, even reaching just a few more event attendees via Twitter would be a win.
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