Travel Industry Preps for Flu Season

November marks the start of regular flu season. I recently blogged about what event planners can do to get prepared, and, luckily, it looks like plenty of other members of the travel industry are doing what they can to prevent flu outbreaks as well.

Woman SneezingHotels such as Marriott, Hilton, Starwood and InterContinental are focusing on day-to-day preventative measures, such as cleaning oft-touched items like phones and elevator buttons, according to The New York Times. Hotel employees are also being reminded to wash their hands often and sneeze into tissues, not hands. John Wolf, a spokesman for Marriott International, also told The Times that its properties were stocking hand sanitizers for conference and meeting groups.

Airports are taking similar steps, adding hand sanitizer dispensers near security checkpoints and using signs to highlight proper hygiene to passengers. However, the airplanes themselves can offer less protection, so business travelers such be prepared by packing antibacterial wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers, etc.

Have you noticed more flu precautions being taken at hotels and event venues? What are you doing to prepare your event guests?
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