Unsure about Team Building? Just Make It an Option!

Though I'm all for adding team building events to your agenda, I know that planners may face a few obstacles when trying to incorporate them into their meetings.

For example, consider a few of the following scenarios:

1. Your meeting budget is pretty tight. You just can't afford to secure transportation, rent a venue, hire a guide, or do whatever else you need to do to offer team building to a conference of 50 people, 100 people, and so forth.

2. Your event schedule is jam-packed. There's no free time to fit in a team building event without it conflicting with an already-arranged speaker, presentation, session, etc.

3. You know some of your meeting attendees (we won't name names) will not be interested in participating. It's never a good idea to force people into team building—their negative attitude will just detract from all the other willing participants.

These are just a few reasons why planners may be on the fence about team building, despite all its benefits for your attendees. The solution? Just make team building an option for your attendees!

This is really easy to do when adding team building to your agenda in Cvent. When creating a session, just make sure you create an optional one as opposed to an included one.

Add Optional Session

This way, it's up to your online registrants to decide Yes or No on team building. This will cut down on costs (especially if you take the extra step to limit sign-ups), let attendees choose what will best suit their schedule, and give unwilling participants an out—it's a win-win for you and your attendees!
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