Use Twibbons to Promote Your Events on Twitter

Are you using social media to promote your association's cause? Or maybe a charity fundraiser you're hosting? What just about a corporate event? If so, I just came across a great idea for free event promotion on Twitter.

It's called a Twibbon. Basically, it's a service that overlays a small icon onto Twitter profile images of your supporters. For example, supporters of breast cancer research can sign up to suppor the cause by having a small pink ribbon placed in the corner of Twitter profile pictures.

Non-profit event planners can easily create Twibbons for either your cause or your specifc event. All you have to do is create a Twibbon image with design software such as Paint.NET or Pixlr (both free), upload it, and add a brief description. Check out the full instructions for creating a Twibbon here.

Twibbons aren't just for non-profits and charitable causes, though. I've seen them for sport teams, celebrities, TV shows and more. Meeting planners in all markets could use them to promote their upcoming events. Just consider a few of the event-related twibbons I found in use for events of all sizes and types:

Wine Bloggers Conference Twibbon

Rio 2016 Twibbon

TEDxMidAtlantic Twibbon

What's really cool about Twibbons is that once you create one for your meeting, it's logged in the Twibbon database. People can search for your Twibbon and find information about your cause or event, who is supporting it and more.

If you're looking to promote your event or meeting on Twitter, Twibbons are a great option. They're easy, free and fun!
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