What to Include in An Event Confirmation Email

After an attendee registers for your event online, it's important to follow up with them via an event confirmation email. Especially when your event attendees have submitted a payment for your event, a confirmation email goes a long way in assuring them that their registration has been received and confirmed. Plus, when you use online event management software such as Cvent, sending confirmation emails is so easy, there's no reason to not to do it.

After creating a confirmation email in Cvent, it can be sent out to registered attendees automatically. Simple, right? The hardest part is what to include in your email. Here are a few suggestions:

• Basic event details (event name, date and time, location, etc.)

• Sessions for which the attendee is registered (when applicable)

• Event confirmation number

• Link to event website/event summary

• Planner contact information (in case attendees have questions regarding the event)

Overall, when creating your event confirmation email, remember that your attendees are likely inundated with emails around the clock. For your event alone, you'll probably be sending quite a few, from the event invitation to the post-event feedback survey. So make sure your emails are clear and concise. Provide the basics that your attendees will need (and want) to know without being lengthy.
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