What's in Your Event Management Toolkit?

Event Management ToolboxWe all know that successful meeting and event planners are an organized bunch, always ready for both the expected and unexpected. This fact is especially evident in the Event Management Toolkit v.2, recently posted at the Event Manager Blog.

In it, you'll find profiles of 15 event professionals. Each planner shares the types of events they manage, how they feel the day of the event, and what they always have on hand in their toolkit.

Not surprisingly, items such as pens, masking tape, scissors, contact lists of personnel, vendors and attendees, and flash drives are standards on most planners' lists. One of the most unique items among the lists (in my opinion) comes from Anne Thornley-Brown of Executive Oasis International. She wrote, "Reggae music for reggae dance energizers—hey, I'm Jamaican, I can't help it."

You can look through the toolkit to get advice for what to add to yours at the Event Manager Blog.
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