What's Your Event Outlook for 2010 and Beyond?

That's the trend People Pro speaker, trainer and consultant Barbara Bartlein has been seeing when it comes to booking event speakers.

"Everyone says the same thing, 'Due to budget constraints, we are not having speakers this year,'" she recently blogged on Wallet Pop. "While I have had some interest in webinars, people still are reluctant to spend the money."

However, she remains optimistic, knowing that a turn-around is ahead.

"Companies who canceled this year [are] likely to have an event next year," she writes. "Those that had webinars will realize the magic of in-person networking and re-evaluate for next year.

"The phone is ringing, but for next year. I have many dates on hold but they are for 2010."

So much news coverage is devoted to the statistics on profits being down, fewer meetings being held, and so on—most of which are data gathered from the end of 2008 and Q1 of 2009. I think it would be interesting to see more information like Barbara's on what suppliers, planners and destinations have planned for 2010 and beyond.

Are you holding off for 2009, but still making plans for 2010?
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