When to Send Your Invitation Reminder Emails

Now that you know what to include in your invitation reminder emails, you may be wondering, "Ok, now when should I send them out?"

With Cvent, you can schedule your reminder emails to automatically send at certain times. However, it's important to not take advantage of this easy-to-use functionality and barrage your invitees with email after email to remind them of the pending invitation. In fact, there's probably no quicker way to guarantee a "No" (and maybe even an angry email response) from invitees. So, use discretion with your automated emails.

At Cvent, we recommend you send invitation reminders a few days before:

• An early-bird discount or other event promotion expires (if you have one)

• Online registration is approaching its closing date

• Event capacity is close to being reached

Sending your event invitation reminders at appropriate times will help boost your response rate without overloading your invitees.
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