Why and When You Should Send Event Reminder Emails

Event Reminder NoteSo now you know all about invitation reminder emails and when to send them. It's time to move on to event reminders, which are send out to all individuals who have registered for your event and plan to attend.

Why send an event reminder?

It's important to remind your attendees that they've signed up for the event so they don't forget. In today's fast-paced world, your attendees are likely busy 24-7 with work and social commitments. It can't hurt to send them a friendly reminder about your event.

Sending an event reminder is also important to provide last minute details about the event. What's the dress code? Where should they park? What's the weather forecast? Once the details are finalized, it's helpful to pass them along to your attendees.

When should you send event reminder emails?

Once you have your reminder email created, Cvent recommends sending the reminder a day before the event takes place, IF no travel is involved. If travel is involved, send the reminder at least 10 to 13 days before the event takes place.
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