Will Your Attendees Expect the Same Deals When the Market Shifts?

It's hard to imagine right now, but the economy won't be in a downturn forever. It will eventually regain its strength, and when it does, the buyer's market for meeting and event planners will inevitably shift. Hotels won't be tripping over themselves to get your business, offering unprecedented deals and promotions.

Are you already worried about going back to higher rates, less flexibility and tough competition in planning events? According to a recent MeetingsNet article, one hotelier who attended a session at NEMICE, the annual conference sponsored by the New England chapter of Meeting Professionals International, cautioned the audience, "Some hotels are desperate and offering things that they won't when things get better. What some hotels are giving up now is not realistic or sustainable moving forward."

Panelists warned session members to make clients and attendees aware that these concessions won't be around forever. Karen King, CMP, CMM, principal, Meeting Strategies LLC, told participants to let everyone know "the only reason you’re getting those concessions now is because of what’s going on, and it won’t last."

As a meeting planner, it seems ridiculous to think that an attendee could expect the same perks of today at future events when the market has shifted. But as an attendee, to be honest, I'd of course want the same quality event at the same price, both now and later!

So what do you think: will you tell attendees that today's deals won't be around tomorrow? How do you address this topic?

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