Cut Through the Marketing Clutter Like a Pro

Does your association want to cut through the clutter to gain attendance to events while staying within budget and increasing your bottom line?

This is a problem that many associations face below are a few marketing essentials to consider during your next event:

  • Raffle TicketConsider offering a promotion (such as a raffle drawing to win a iPad or giftcard, etc) or a discount to your attendees –  opportunities like these are great marketing tools to get people involved with the event, and get them interested in attending. Everyone takes the bait … at least once and a while.
  • Photo contestAsk for submissions – create submission games, where people can post a photos, mock “headlines,” videos, etc. The best “X” receives a prize! With social media playing such an important role with events and organizations these days, simple engagement activities like this not only hold your membership together more cohesively, but can also attract a younger crowd!
  • video iconSend a video along with your invitations – embed a video link of last year’s event showing how much fun people were having, how exciting it was to be there, the big name sponsors who showed up, the swag everyone received. This creates envy and potentially jealousy among your potential registrants especially if they did not attend the event last year, and if they did it may bring up the great memories they had from attending the event.  
  • Appeal to the reader – What is it that they spam wordswant to hear about? What are buzz words that are common to your industry, your chapter, or your association? Using the right wording to catch your member’s attention will allow for a more responsive newsletter, event invitation, or email. Do NOT use common SPAM words such as FREE, Today, Trial or words in All CAPS.

The common thread of these marketing ideas is to engage your members so they become more involved, and feel as if they have some sort of ownership or reason to attend your events, or pay you those annual dues. Give them a reason at your next event!

To learn more on how to increase attendance and audience engagement, Download our eBook on Social Media for Event Marketing.


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