Feature Friday: Election Polls Using Cvent Web Surveys

Feature FridayWith just a few months left in the year, association chapters have already begun planning for 2013 – what events will they be hosting? Is the budget finalized? And most importantly, who will be the new leaders?

Elections are a crucial part of the chapter’s future.  Members need to elect the officials who will tackle new challenges, increase membership, and continue to uphold the chapter’s values and traditions.  Ten years ago, chapters may have distributed paper ballots at board meetings or counted raised hands, but in today’s age, everything is moving online.  The vast majority of professionals owns a smartphone and spends around 40 hours per week in front of a computer.  Don’t get left behind – why not automate the board election process?

With Cvent’s Premium Web Survey tool, you can easily invite the members in your address book to take an election survey.  If you don’t hear from them within a certain time frame, you can make Cvent do the work for you and send out automated reminders to those who have not yet cast their votes.  Automated elections not only create an easy user experience for your members, but they will also save you hours of administrative time tallying everything up.

Cvent’s comprehensive reports come in easy-to-read formats that are easy to present to the board, i.e. bar graphs and pie charts.  Because everything is electronic, you remove the risk of a miscount.  Finally, because anonymity is important, you can build the election survey so that members’ names aren’t tied to their responses, making the entire process fair and accurate.

With time saved on both parties’ sides, the survey tool will allow elections to be completed in an efficient and timely fashion, freeing up time for the chapter to work on other strategic decisions and initiatives.

If you would like more information about Cvent’s web survey tool, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager at Cvent.

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