Feature Friday: Increase Your Event Registrations: Promote Using a Facebook Event

Social Media is where "it’s" at. Connect your organization’s Facebook friends with the registration for your next exciting event. With the click of a button you can create a Facebook Event to share with your network.

Cvent will take care of the details by automatically include your event title, dates, location, description and registration link. This will help avoid the repetitious input of event details if you currently create a separate Facebook Event after you create your event registration in Cvent. Saving your precious time, one social media integration at a time.

"Is this really going to save me time? Prove it."

  1. Create your event registration through Cvent.
  2. Head to the Facebook Events section within Cvent and insert any additional marketing text into the description to get your Facebook friends pumped about your upcoming event.
  3. Log into your Organization’s Facebook account.
  4. Publish your Facebook event.
  5. Send this event to your Facebook friends.

Cvent Facebook Event Creator

Cvent Facebook Event Creator

You can keep your Facebook Friend’s up-to-date by posting event photos, links for event speakers or sessions topics, videos from last year’s event or a marketing video to promote this year’s event. Along with planner event posts, encourage invitees to make their own posts. Invitees can post about their favorite parts of the event or why they are excited to attend for the first time.

You are all set! Now watch the magic unfold.

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