Need an administrative assistant to register for you? No problem!

Increasingly Cvent users have encountered scenarios in which administrative staff, secretaries or other administrative personnel have become responsible for registering on behalf of someone else, often times their boss. To accommodate this trend Cvent has included Administrator Registration in the newest release of the product. The premise behind this feature is that people that who are not attending the event are able to register on behalf of the individuals who will actually be in attendance, alleviating the responsibility of the invitee to complete and manage their own registration.
The administrator can register groups of people for an event all at once, manage the registration, and receive email correspondence for the event. And the best part is that the administrator does not count toward the event capacity.
Some key points to keep in mind:

  •  The invitee and administrator will both need a current email address.
  •  Payment for the event will be connected to the invitee’s registration, not the administrator.
  •  The administrator cannot be changed or substituted for another registrant after the fact.

If you find that this is a more frequent occurrence with your event registration you should definitely consider using this registration platform. It’s a great way to allow an administrator to maintain and organize registration on behalf of others. If you are interested in setting up this feature you can contact your dedicated product consultant to assist in the set up.


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