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Top 50 Destinations: What Gives the Meetings Industry Wings?

Cvent just released its 2015 list of the Top 50 U.S. Meeting Destinations, with Orlando, Vegas, and Chicago once again jockeying for meeting supremacy. (This year belongs to Orlando, which regained the top spot it lost in 2013.) Cvent's list is based on activity that was tracked from July 2014 more

Cvent Hosts Hackathon for DC High School Students

On August 1, Cvent hosted DCHacks, the Capital area's premier high school hackathon and the largest of its kind on the east coast. For those not in the know, a hackathon is an event in which groups involved in soft- and hardware development collaborate intensively. There are many such events more

Simple Steps for Social Media Success: FAQs on Boosting Onsite Attendee Engagement

Social media is one of those marketing strategies that you know is important, but it probably hasn’t made it off your “nice-to-have” list just yet. If it has, I sincerely applaud you and encourage the #humblebrag.  However, if you’re just getting started with social media, don’t get overwhelmed more

Cvent CONNECT Dine Around Venues in Las Vegas

Dine-arounds. It's a concept that significantly boosts interaction between participants. Dine-arounds can take a variety of formats: small group dining for where groups of 6 - 8 attendees can bond over a full course meal progressive dinners at which attendees switch venues with each course pick more

Special Event Inspiration from Cvent CONNECT #cventconnect

At Cvent CONNECT, event planners, as well as participants from associations and hotels, worked hard to take in a lot of valuable content that will help improve their meetings and events. They've also been picking up great ideas for their own events, entertainment, decor, and catering at more

Cvent Connect Chronicles: Tech Innovation @cventconnect

Conferences and tradeshows are some of the best places to keep abreast of technology trends and discover emerging technology. Attendees can pick up ideas not only from exhibitors but also from examples used by keynote speakers and in breakout sessions. Since Sunday, attendees from hotels, resorts, more

Cvent CONNECT Plannies: And the Winners Are…

The Third Annual Cvent Plannie Awards were held today at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Brian Ludwig, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Stacey Fontenot, VP of Platform Marketing at Cvent, showgirls, and a couple of rappers (!) celebrated customer success Vegas Style. more

Cvent CONNECT Serves Up 3 Courses of Content

Tuesday’s opening session at was a seated breakfast, and MGM Grand served Egg White Fritatas from their Stay Well menu, a healthy menu developed by nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness. (If you haven't heard about MGM's Stay Well program, check out  Cvent CONNECT Chronicles: How to Stay more

Cvent CONNECT 2015: Reggie Aggarwal Welcomes Attendees

Cvent's CEO, Reggie Aggarwal opened the day at Cvent CONNECT and discussed Cvent's commitment to helping our clients achieve meeting and event success. Reggie began his remarks to over 1,600 buyer attendees with a look back at the events in his professional, and personal, life that led to more

Arianna Huffington Advises Event Planners to Disconnect to Re-connect

Arianna Huffington, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post shared her personal wake-up call with over 2,000 attendees in her Cvent Connect keynote. In 2012, when she "came to" after collapsing from exhaustion and sleep deprivation she asked herself "Is this what success looks like?" more
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