Introducing Cvent’s New Chat Feature!

As you’re scrolling through the Cvent website, don’t be surprised if you begin to notice a new feature popping up -- in the form of a chat box! That’s right, Cvent now gives you the opportunity to chat live with member of our staff about any of our product lines. In fact, by the time it’s taken you to read this blog post, chances are you’ve seen the chat box come up!

This new feature was launched in December and was developed to help planners who are actively researching information on event management and registration software, meeting destinations, and event venues on the Cvent site. The chat gives planners the option to interact live with a dedicated representative. So, whether you have event planning questions, need information on registration products, are looking for deals on meeting space, or need the perfect venue for your next event, staff members will be able to answer your questions right on the spot, saving you time and effort.

So next time you are browsing our site and the chat box pops up, let us help out!

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