Setting New Standards for Mobile Event Apps

Mobile Event Apps leader After Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he suggested saying “ahoy hoy” when answering calls. “Hello” wasn’t even commonly used until Thomas Edison introduced it as a way to greet people; it quickly caught on and became the standard.

Today, going mobile is the new trend that’s here to stay. More people are buying smartphones instead of PCs and more people are searching for apps instead of accessing websites. Here’s where CrowdCompass comes in to help event organizers meet the needs of a mobile world.

The idea for CrowdCompass began when I was at an all-day music event in Seattle, WA. There was a lot going on and I thought it’d be so much simpler, more effective, and a lot more fun if I just had an app that would figure it all out for me.  What started out as an exciting idea soon became reality.

Every one of us at CrowdCompass is passionate about what we do, and that’s why we quickly became the leading mobile app developer for the event industry. Just like Edison came in and changed things up, CrowdCompass is setting new standards for mobile apps with a focus on the event industry. We’re excited to share our mobile knowledge and show you the mobile apps we’ve developed to make your events, conferences, and tradeshows more engaging and interactive. Our conference apps focus on accelerating popularity through unique, new features and by making the event experience easy to share through social media.

Stay tuned to see what we’re working on for 2012—including new developments going live this summer! Over 40,000 hours of development time is finally coming together to shake up the industry. We’re setting the bar high and we hope you join us.

--Dave Shanley, CTO, CrowdCompass

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