Introducing CrowdTorch

CrowdTorchShakespeare famously wrote: “What’s in a name?” I wonder if he ever thought deeply about a logo as well.  

Today, Cvent announced that we are rebranding recently acquired Seed Labs. We put a lot of thought into this decision. A lot. When a company as successful as Seed Labs has worked so vigilantly to build the trust of its customers, you tread into the rebranding waters lightly.  

But, we needed to move forward with the plan to position this innovative consumer app developer with our other recent acquisition, business event mobile solution, CrowdCompass. The name we decided on? CrowdTorch.

How did we arrive at CrowdTorch? Well, a torch is an iconic symbol, and we believe the CrowdTorch brand captures that. It illustrates the high energy of our client’s events, evoking images of concert-goers holding lighters aloft, explorers using torches to find their way and nations passing the Olympic torch to generate excitement and participation.

We really believe that themes of fun, discovery and adventure are appropriate for an indispensable mobile tool designed for high-energy festivals, culinary events and sporting events. Helping consumer-focused events like festivals and concerts “catch fire” is what CrowdTorch is all about. With apps that enable users to build custom, dynamic schedules, embed rich media like videos, pictures and Internet radio and share the event via social media outlets, CrowdTorch gives coordinators and attendees alike the ability to generate real buzz.

It’s an exciting time here at Cvent. The mobile world is dramatically changing the event industry, and the weeks and months that lie ahead promise to bring even more excitement.

We’re thrilled to introduce CrowdTorch to you today. I think the Bard would like the new brand, what do you think?

Learn more about how CrowdTorch can help your festival or event catch fire!

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