10 Super Cool IMEX 12 Exhibits

IMEX: Inspiration for Creating Cool Event Spaces

Trade shows are cool places to pick up fantastic ideas for event decor to add punch and pizzazz to event venues. IMEX 12 which is taking place in Frankfurt this week is no exception. Yet, it isn't always easy for exhibitors to grab the attention of the crowd. Just for fun, here are my picks for the coolest exhibits on the showroom floor that really made everyone sit up and take notice.

Add Play and Fun

10. Brazil

Soccer Ball, Brazil, IMEX 12Capoiera, Brazl, IMEX 12

Brazil found a way to build a sense of fun into their exhibit and the entertainment during Celebration Hour. The showroom floor was alive with energy and excitement, yet you could hear the drummers from Brazil long before you were close enough to see the capoeira dancers. This approach literally drew in the crowd.

Use Eye-catching Costumes

A couple of exhibits caught the attention of everyone with unique costumes.

9. Steigenberger Hotel Group

Steigenger, Germany

8. Congress Allianz

Congress Allianz, IMEX 12

7. London

As always, London brought it's own sense of style and fun to the delight of all. A diamond jubilee tea with some special VIPs (lookalikes) added the element of surprise to Celebration Hour that was a real crowd pleaser.

Diamond Jubilee Afternoon TeaWill and Kate Look-Alikes

Bring Your Venue or Product to the Customer

If you can't bring prospective clients to your venue, bring your venue to the client. Some exhibits recreated their event venues in the exhibit hall. This approach can be used for a range of events, products and services.

6. Zacchera Hotels

Zachera Hotels

5. Kafer Alm

Kafer Alem Exhibit

These mobile alpine huts can be set up anywhere and they can be joined together for groups of up to 80. They are the perfect venue for pop-up events or restaurants with a Swiss or German theme.

Bring Your Destination or Product to the Client

Taking this principle a step further, bring part of your destination to the clients. The key to the success of each of these exhibits is that they were eye-catching reflections of typical architecture of the region. They reinforced what was unique about each destination.

4. China

China Exhibit, IMEX 12

Oman and Dubai both recreated typical architecture on the showroom floor. This provided an excellent backdrop to showcase what the destinations had to offer in terms of hotels, event venues and attractions.

3. Dubai

Dubai Exhibit, IMEX 12

2. Oman

Oman Exhibit IMEX 12Oman, IMEX 12

Capture the Essence of Your Brand in a Vivid and Memorable Way

1. Events Magazine

Published in German, Events Magazine features what's cool and innovative in European events. They practiced what they preach and created an ice cafe to brilliantly reinforce their brand messaging. The booth was designed by Hamburg baed acryl EIS, creators of Eisbar Mieten mobile ice bars.

Cool DesignCool Cool Events

Who is the Coolest of them all?

Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions - Holland

Holland had the strongest branding and social media integration. That is why it's my pick for the coolest exhibit. The "add some orange" theme was conveyed through the vivid orange design of the booth, the orange juice that was served, and the orange framed sunglasses worn by the members of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions team whenever they were on the move in Frankfurt. You couldn't miss them.

The brand ambassador, Mr. Holland, has been strongly reinforced across all social media platforms throughout IMEX 12, positioning the brand to build on the connections started at the show. There was response to tweets throughout the day. Daily happy hours and the #imex12 tweet-up, attended by tweeters and bloggers, was hosted by Holland.

Holland Booth, IMEX 2012, Frankfurt

A multi-sensory experience was created at the booth with large posters, videos, props and music. The Holland booth attracted a crowd and generated excitement throughout the day. It has been a happening, fun place that captured the excitement and fun that visitors to Holland can expect to feel.

If you are attending IMEX 12 in Frankfurt, please stop by and tell us which exhibits you thought were cool and why.

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