10 Ways to Bring Mother Nature into Any Event

Floral CenterpieceAlthough snow is still putting in an occasional appearance in Canada and parts of the U.S. and Europe, event calendars are well into spring.

Regardless of your budget, adding a touch of nature will freshen up event venues. Here are 10 ways to bring Spring and nature into any event.

  1. Select a venue with lots of green space.
    It doesn't have to be expensive. Think parks, university campuses, mountain chalets and botanical gardens.
  2. Choose a venue near water.
    Examples include beach houses, lakeside venues, riverside venues, or venues with ponds and fountains.
  3. Entrance DecorImpress at the entrance.
    First impressions pack the greatest punch. When budgets are limited, bring in a few potted flowering plants or shrubs. Experiment with miniature orange or lemon plants. (These are often used in hotel lobbies and at events in Asia.)

    The photo to the right shows that flower vases and candles can dress up an entrance. If different areas are used for the reception and dining, they can then be moved and used as table centerpieces.
  4. Create centerpieces and tablescapes with seasonal flowers.
    Event planners aren't limited to tulips and daffodils. Consider lilacs,
    azaleas, cherry blossoms, trilliums, crocuses and hydrangeas. 
  5. Head Table DecorIf budgets are tight, invite local florists and garden centers to display and sell arrangements.
  6. Give the stage or head table the star treatment with flowers and plants.
    These areas have the highest visibility so, if it is important to stretch the budget, this should be the first area of focus.

    Project landscapes and images with gardens on screens and walls.
  7. To stretch budgets, invite local artists to display and sell
    their photographs and paintings of landscapes and gardens.
  8. Set the mood with violin, flute or harp music.
    Suggestions: The Rite Of Spring by Igor Stravinsky, Spring from
    Vivaldi's Four Seasons concertoRondes de Printemps by Claude Debussy.
  9. Lamb DinnerOpt for seasonal fish and meat.
    Seasonal selections include duck, lamb, lobster, crab, and mackerel.

    While mackerel is not popular in most of North America, find recipes for mackerel dishes from Newfoundland (e.g. broiled mackerel with basil), Denmark (i.e. smoked mackerel and potatoes), and Jamaica (i.e. run dung).
  10. DessertIncorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into the menu.
    Options include beets, asparagus, fiddleheads, mint, peas, radishes, rhubarb, or spinach that are harvested or foraged in the spring.

    Seasonal spring fruit includes blueberries, cherries, lemons, limes, and strawberries. Fruit can be served fresh, used as garnishes, or incorporated into sauces and glazes for fish and meat.

When it comes to bringing nature into events, celebrity wedding and event planner, Preston Bailey, never fails to impress or inspire.  In this video, he shares tips for appealing to all senses to create memorable events.

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Photo Credits: traceyhunter, InterContinental Hong Kong, russAdrian Scottow, Maite Confitería & Brunch

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