15 Sure-fire Strategies for Stretching Your Meeting Budget

Stretch DollarsMany meeting planners are still on the look out for strategies to stretch their meeting budgets. We've shared a number of strategies in the past. Here are 15 more tips that can shave thousands of dollars off the budget for any meeting or corporate event.

  1. Opt for a local meeting.
    If you hold your meeting in a small town or resort area to which you can transport employees by bus, train or a short flight, this will produce significant savings.
  2. Opt for a day meeting.
    Similar to number 1 but instead of having an overnight stay, select a venue to which participants can commute daily.
  3. Have part of your meeting on-site and the outdoor or recreational components off-site.
  4. Save on decorating and decor by selecting a venue that already fits your theme. 
  5. Hold your meeting at a unique venue such as a greenhouse, desert camp, park, soccer field or conservation area.
  6. Be very flexible with your dates. At destinations that use dynamic pricing, sometimes even moving your meeting by a week can result in significant savings.
  7. Select an emerging destination.
  8. Ask the venue to advise you about dates on which they have group specials or more affordable pricing.
  9. Opt for a boutique hotel, inn or nice 4 Star hotel or resort.
  10. Select double occupancy rooms.
  11. Use suites or villas.
    Some properties have a private bathroom attached to each bedroom. 
  12. Arrange to arrive early on Day 1 and depart late on Day 2.
    You can save yourself 1 room night that way without reducing the length of your meeting.
  13. Have a paperless meeting.
  14. Do all photocopying and duplication of handouts and other documentation internally.
  15. Save on audio-visual by providing presentations for download to laptops or tablets.

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