Best of 2014: Top 6 Event Planning Articles by Anne Thornley-Brown

Anne Thornley-BrownAs a blogger who writes well over 250 posts each and every year, I'm often asked, "Where does inspiration come from?" Inspiration for blog posts or event ideas is everywhere: on TV and YouTube, at tradeshows, restaurants, movies. If you're open to it, new ideas and innovative approaches will pop out at you every time you ride the subway, take a bus or drive downtown, or just walk around the streets of your city or a destination you're visiting.

Walk around any shopping center or browse the aisles at department stores, Walmart, or Target and you'll find products and ideas that are useful for creating events.

It's hard to believe the 2014 is drawing to a close. It feels like it just begun. As I look back, some of the posts that I have been inspired to write stand out for a variety of reasons. Here are 6 that I consider to be my best of the best.

My Top Picks for 2014

  1. Forecasting Hot Event TrendsKeeping abreast of trends and, in fact, staying "ahead of the curve" is important for all event planners who want to be considered innovative or just succeed in turbulent times. This post identified a number of tools and resources to help event planners do this easily.
  2. Meeting Planning, When Key Players ChangeEvery now and then, meeting planners and facilitators encounter situations that they've never come across before. When this happened to me, it provided an opportunity to reflect on how a last-minute change in a key player can be detected and handled. It's content that I had not seen covered elsewhere and a new spin on managing change which is so much a part of being an event planner.
  3. Music for Corporate Events: Appealing to Diverse TastesMusic has always been an important part of not only events but also team building and training sessions that I have designed and facilitated. When I started working overseas, I found that music was very effective for crossing cultures. Today's workforces are diverse in terms of generations and it was interesting to uncover music that bridges the generation gap. Some of the emerging artists experimenting with merging musical styles create truly innovative and fresh approaches.
  4. 9 Tips for Facilitating Small Team Building RetreatsWith the trend towards smaller meetings and retreats, it is becoming increasingly important for facilitators and event planners to become effective in designing meetings and events for small groups. For this blog post, I shared specific strategies that I have found particularly effective with small teams.
  5. La Partita a Scacchi di Marostica, Living Chess in ItalyI spotted a video about this event on my Facebook timeline. As I am a chess player and an avid rider, the chess piece with a knight mounted on a horse immediately grabbed my attention. It's always exciting to come across something totally new and unexpected and share it with readers. This event is an important reminder that, with a little bit of imagination, even the most seemingly sedentary activity can be transformed into an interactive and truly memorable experience.
  6. What's Hot: Molecular GastronomyAlways wanting to push the envelope, I find totally out-of-the-box concepts like this intriguing and I am happy to find them and bring them to readers.

Bonus: Which of my Cvent Event Blog posts published this year were the most popular with you, our readers?

Cvent Blog Reader's Choice

Your all time favourite is: 10 Terrific Themes for Corporate Events (17,279 views)

You also love anything to do with Pantone color palettes.

I'll be sure to keep your favourites in mind as I create new posts for 2015.

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