What's Hot: 3D Projection Mapping for Corporate Events (Video Blog)

Sydney Opera House - 3D Projection Mapping

When event planners want to wow guests (particularly a crowd that's seen it all), 3D projection mapping is well worth exploring.

Also known as "spatial augmented reality" and "video mapping," 3D projection mapping merges animation, motion graphics, and special effects with projection technology. One or more projectors are aimed at 3D objects or surfaces that are used as a canvas. The projected images and special effects wrap around solid, 3D objects or merge with backdrops with an spectacular effect.

There is a popular misconception that 3D projection mapping is new. It actually was first used in 1969 for the Haunted House Ride at Disneyland. If you've ever taken that ride at Disneyland or Disney World, you'll remember that, at times, projections of ghosts even replaced the faces of the visitors.

Today, 3D projection mapping is used for corporate events, especially marketing events and product launches, hotel events (especially grand openings), and entertainment.

Hotels and Event Venues

In Sydney, Australia, the iconic roof of the opera house has been transformed through a myriad of colours, shapes and even textures through 3D projection mapping. Here is how they did it:

3D projection mapping is perfect for grand openings and re-launches. In Dubai, Atlantis The Palm was unveiled at an event that featured 3D projection mapping and stunning pyrotechnics:

Public Buildings

I have previously shared the nightly sound-and-light show using 3D projection mapping against the backdrop of Canada's Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

Marketing Events and Product Launches

3D projection mapping is a perfect fit for luxury product marketing events and guerilla marketing. Notice how the images and special effects wrapped around the automobiles and merged with the curved backdrop to create 3D effects at this BMW product launch event in Russia.


Not only can 3D projection mapping transform curtains, buildings and backdrops, it can also bring costumes to life as displayed in the incredible "Feel the Light" performance by Jennifer Lopez on American Idol:

Dancers can perform in imposing, virtual 3D worlds such as the one designed by Russia's SilaSveta for this Porsche Macan event:


Endless Applications

Digilight Dubai demonstrates the range of mind-blowing possibilities of  this technology for events:

Where to find it?

There are a number of suppliers for this technology around the world including London's Projection Art Works, Japan's NHK Enterprises, Flow Interactive in Canada, Dubai-based Digilight, Innovations Unlimited ME in Qatar and Bahrain, and Obscura Digital Inc. with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Stockholm.

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Photo Credit: Jason James

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