4 Ways to Use Drones in the Events Industry

Drone TechnologyDrones are starting to pop up all over the events industry. If you're thinking of incorporating drones into events, here are 4 ideas that have been tried and tested.

High Action Sporting Events

Some sports, like polo, involve fast action and cover a large field. In others, like show jumping, 3D eventing, triathlons, or biathlons, athletes move from place to place along a course.

With traditional videography, keeping up with the action can be challenging. Drones solve this problem.

Here, footage from a drone and traditional videography are combined to capture the action at a show jumping event.

Drone Image

Event Filming

Think that drones are just for sporting events? Think again. Cvent CONNECT attendees got a firsthand look at how drones can add excitement to events.

Here, a drone captures a gala event beautifully. The variety of angles that are possible with drones adds a new dimension to event filming.Some drones can zoom in to grab close-ups of speakers, performers and participants.

For a finished product the footage captured by drones can be combined with video footage and even still images.

Food and Beverage Delivery

Yo! Sushi introduced the conveyor belts that were already popular for delivering sushi in Japan to the UK. Now Yo! Sushi uses drones to deliver sushi on iTrays right to guest tables and even has a line of burgers delivered by iTrays.

At Whatever USA, produced by Anheuser-Busch, drones deliver beverages to guests.

Resort and Venue Previews

Giving prospective clients a realistic picture of resorts and hotels can be a challenge, particularly if the property is at a foreign or remote location. Komandoo Island Resort & Spa, Maldives demonstrates that, with drones, this task is much easier.

Event Planners who are considering drones for events, need to:

  • Verify that the event venue will permit them.
  • In the USA, obtain FAA permission before using drones at events.
  • Make sure that there are no high-security areas in the flight path. (Remember the drone that flew over the White House.)
  • Double check that the provider has ample insurance to cover any mishaps.

Have you ever used drones at events? Please comment to share your experiences and tips with other Cvent Blog readers.

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Photo Credit: Nagarjun Kandukuru, North Charleston

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