6 Ways to Derail Any Meeting

DerailRecently, Tony Compton gave event industry professionals some food for thought in The Email Corporate Event Producers Don’t Want to Read, his post on LinkedIn Pulse. Tony is not an event planner but he attends events. He highlighted the fact that there are a number of missteps that regularly undermine the effectiveness of meetings and events.

It got me thinking about some of the missteps I have observed over the years and strategies to prevent them.

  1. Be an order taker.
    No matter how impractical the request, remember "He who pays the piper plays the tune." So go along with whatever the client is requesting. Taking time to caution about mistakes to avoid and suggest alternatives will only increase the likelihood that you won't be re-booked.

    Alternatively, follow our tips in Event Planners - Consulting Partners or Order Takers.
  2. Don't involve the most senior executives who will be in attendance in the planning.
    They'll turn up, find the design and content of the meeting misses the mark and request major changes at the eleventh hour. Worse, they may even embarrass the event planners and facilitators in front of the group.

    To avoid these scenarios, implement our 6 Steps to Stage Managing Executives for Corporate Events.
  3. Be sure to design the meeting with little flexibility or margin for error.
    This applies to both the planning phase and the actual meeting. A better approach would be to

    Build Flexibility into Your Meeting Design and Avoid Packing the Agenda.
  4. Book the airfare, accommodation and event venues at the last minute.
    You'll pay top dollar and end up with routes that are long and tiring and venues that don't fit the meeting design.

    Alternatively, consider our 5 Compelling Reasons to Avoid Last-Minute Event Planning.
  5. Start late.
    This will kill any meeting especially when combine  with number 3 as there will be little chance of recovery.

    A better approach is to follow Cvent Blog's tips for Keeping Agendas on Track Recovering When Events Get off to a Late Start, and 16 Ways to Prevent Latecomers from Derailing Corporate Events.
  6. When all else fails, let groupthink set in. Stifle discussions, rush to make decisions before all alternatives have been explored, and arrive at consensus prematurely.

    Avoid Group think withe these 10 Tips for Getting Beyond Groupthink

Here is where you can access Tony Compton's The Email Corporate Event Producers Don’t Want to Read.

Here are 9 Meeting Planning Mistakes to Avoid and how to  Reboot After 6 Common Meeting Challenges Part II.

Photo Credit: Kelly Teague

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