8 Ways to End Events with a Bang

A lot has been written about session starters and how to get meetings and events off to a powerful start. Selecting the right way to wrap things up is equally important. Keynotes aren't the only way to wrap up a conference, meeting, or event when it's important to send participants off on a high note.

  1. Taiko Drumming: Nothing energizes and pumps up a group like drumming, and Taiko drumming is particularly invigorating.
  2. Fireworks: You can always count on fireworks to add excitement and the wow factor.
  3. Zumba: This dance fitness program. which was developed by Alberto "Beto" Perez from Colombia, combines a number of Latin Dance moves with fitness. It can be a high-energy kickstarter or a powerful way to end a conference.
  4. Hip-Hop Dance Crews: Dance crews are under-utilized at corporate events and professional conferences. If the demographic of your group is multi-cultural and the age group is trending younger, then hip-hop dance crews will send them off with energy and excitement. Definitely get them to move into the crowd at some point and invite members of the audience to come on stage to join them.
  5. 3D Projection Mapping:

  1. Holograms: The potential of this technology hasn't been fully explored, but the possibilities are endless.
  2. Robotics and Puppets: See for yourself how this vision care company wrapped up day 1 of their event with a robotic puppet.

  1. An Awards Ceremony: Recognizing high achievers is a great way to end a meeting or conference on a high and encourage all attendees to a higher level of success for the coming year.

There you have it. Something for just about every budget.

What are some of the most inspiring ways that you have seen event organizers wrap up conferences, meetings, and events?

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