Optimizing Airport Transfers for Corporate Events

Exclusive ShuttleIn some destinations, there are strict restrictions on the types of vehicles for which DMCs can be licensed. and this can make it a challenge to keep a lid on transportation costs.

This makes it important to give careful thought to packaging transfers. Here are some options:

  • Work with your selected DMC and hotel to bundle transfers with the room rate.
    Some resorts do this automatically. It's a model that works as even if some guests arrive early or depart later than the rest of the block, their transfers are covered and there is no need to levy a surcharge to upgrade to private transfer.
  • Opt for car or SUV rentals.
    For a small group  incentive trip in Nashville, we obtained rates from various car rental companies. We were compensated for our services. The client opted for SUVs and paid for them directly. Not only were transfers from the airport to the hotel taken care of, the group had the flexibility of getting around town at leisure.
  • Determine if per person or per vehicle transportation is more affordable.
    It's best to scope out the full needs of the group and then work out a flat per person rate across the board that applies regardless of type of vehicle. Just be sure that this rate is not higher than a taxi or it's back to square one.
  • Reserve vehicles on a half day or full day basis.
    By booking limos, buses or shuttle vans on a half or full day basis, pricing is sometimes more affordable than a per person transfer. In Oman, for a group with staggered arrivals, we arranged for the client to book the limos and shuttle buses on a full day basis and they shuttled the guests to the resort on arrival.
  • Book the vehicles on a half day basis and use them for airport transfers and shuttles to shopping areas and excursions.
    This will ensure that guests get around safely and keep the pricing down. Booking two vehicles at a half day rate is better than booking one vehicle at a full day rate so that, if a vehicle is held up in traffic, the other can serve the group. 

For more tips on working with DMCs, also read 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a DMC and  11 Tips for Teamwork with Destination Management Companies (DMCs).

Photo Credit: Wohin Auswandern

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