All-American Event Themes for July 4th

July 4th block partyOnce again, the calendar has flipped to July 4th. Whether you're putting the finishing touches on an American Independence event for this year or planning ahead for next year, here are 3 themes (1 traditional and 2 brand new) and ideas for bringing them to life.

Urban Block Party

Here is a completely fresh approach to a traditional theme with youthful appeal.

Get all the required permits to block off the streets. Alternatively, use a local park or school yard, Set up a platform for DJs, hip-hop and rap artists. Clear enough space for dance crews to battle it up . Put up large poster boards for graffiti and use red, white, and decorations.

For refreshments throw a barbecue with hot dogs, chicken, burgers, and corn on the cob. Have lots of water and pop on hand to beat the heat. Ice cream trucks and food trucks are a nice touch.

A splash pad and some carnival style games are a great way to appeal to the children. Top things off with fireworks.

County Fair

County fairs used to be really popular for the July 4th holiday weekend. A scaled down version of this American tradition will be welcomed by guests and add a touch of nostalgia. Include skill testing games, some mid-way rides (or a jumping castles) and, of course contests, whether it's pie eating, dance, or baking contests.

Include an art walk to give local artists an opportunity to showcase their creations. Provide Independence day refreshments and baked goods for sale. Here are a few ideas.

July 4th cakeJuly 4th trifle

Cake in a JarJuly 4th cookies


Hawaiian Luau

For something really different, use a Hawaiian theme for July 4th celebrations. Select a park or greenhouse with an indoor or outdoor waterfall. Use the waterfall as the area for Hawaiian music and dance performances. In addition to the traditional red, white, and blue backdrop, introduce pops of yellow and green through flowers, plants, and potted palms. Invite guests to wear leis and shirts and blouses with Hawaiian prints. 

 Refreshments can include pineapple flavored chicken, ham, rice, tropical fruit,pineapple juice, and fruit punch.Here is how it comes to together.

For more ideas, also consult Special Events American-Style, 4 American Independence Event Venues

Photo Credits: Kent Kanouse, Jennuine Captures Photography, JoyWhosThisValGirl Kevin Galens


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