Music for Corporate Events: Appealing to Diverse Tastes

GenerationsIn a Cvent Event Blog post entitled Music for Meetings and Conferences? Go for Baroque, the importance of matching music to participant learning styles, age group and other audience demographics was highlighted.

What if the audience is multi-cultural or multi-generational? What if the event is for an overseas client? It may seem challenging to appeal to diverse tastes but it's possible. 

To the previously shared list of the clear benefits of using music for meetings and corporate events, add music can cross cultures and bridge the generation gap.

Bridging Across Cultures

My company has planned and executed team building retreats, workshops and events in 13 countries, drawing in participants from companies in over 16 countries. One question I am frequently asked is "How do you bridge across cultures?" In fact, one of the most popular articles I have ever written was about the secret By selecting music that integrates elements from diverse cultures, event planners can offer something familiar yet keep audiences intrigued with something new. There are artists that blend multi-cultural influences seamlessly so it is possible to find:

  • Jamaican Reggae with Asian Influences

  • Asian Inspired Music with a Reggae Beat

  • Celtic Inspired Melody with Asian Influences

  • Bob Marley with a Middle Eastern Feel

Bridging the Generation Gap

In our last discussion of music, we shared how going baroque could appeal to Boomers with Beatles music and Generation Y with a hip-hop beat. Here is an example of Mozart that Millennials will love:

Search YouTube for "Hip-Hop Classical Music" for more hip-hop remixes of timeless classics. 

Finally, think it's impossible to appeal to boomers and Millennials with the same music? Think again.

The most important things for event planners to remember is to keep it legal (see the Go for Baroque post referred to earlier) and appeal to participant preferences not their own personal preferences.

For more ideas for incorporating music into events, also read, Memphis and Liverpool Explore Musical Ties, Corporate Event Venues: American Music Venues and Corporate Event Venues: American Music Venues.

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