Artificial Urban Beaches Around the World

As temperatures soared to record-breaking levels, cities across Canada and the USA have been getting a taste of the heat waves that have hit Europe in recent summers. Perhaps it is time to follow their example. European cities like Paris and Brussels, have set up artificial beaches in the city core, an oasis where city dwellers who can't afford to travel can relax and get a break from the heat.

On July 1st, for the ninth year, Bruxelles les Bains opened next to one of the city's canals. The emphasis is on special events, art, music, concerts, and culture. There is even a Sunday cruise on the canal to give voyagers a chance to hear excerpts from books and interact with writers.

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Every summer, Paris spends over $2 million dollars to create an artificial beach called Paris Plage beside the river by filling a city road with sand, palm trees and plants.

Not to be undone by its European counterparts, Shanghai now has its own fake beach.

Mexico City has opened an urban beach and one is scheduled to open at the Vieux Port in Montreal in 2012.

Some artificial beaches can be used by event planners as unique event venues.

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