Asia: Amazing Activities for Team Events and Team Building

Chinese Temple, Kuching Malaysia

Recently, we have been exploring boutique hotels, cultural attractions and historical sites in Asia. For event planners, organizing business meetings, corporate events and conferences in Asia opens up a wide range of unique activities for team events and team building. The key is to select activities that give participants an opportunity to explore the local culture and environment.

Here are 22 activities and 4 team building ideas that are a perfect fit for events in Asia:

  • 1. Urban Safaris
    Urban safaris are a perfect for exploring foreign destinations. The key is to incorporate traditional transportation methods, local trivia, photo stops at important landmarks and unique challenges inspired by the local culture. Shopping challenges with clues in foreign languages are fun and they give participants a chance to interact with local residents.
    Consider an Amazing Race theme. Since the show has been aired around the world, appearances by former cast members will add the "wow factor." (Please note: To use the name Amazing Race and replicate the format on the show, it is essential to obtain a license from the copyright holder. Depending on the jurisdiction, it will be CBS, Disney or Mark Burnett Productions.)



During the summer, some really exhilarating activities are available for team events. In addition to canoeing, kayaking, rafting and mountain biking, corporate groups can try:

  • 2. horse riding
  • 3. rappelling
  • 4. abseiling
  • 5.waterfall abseiling
  • 6. rock climbing
  • 7. canyoning

The Japan Alps is the perfect setting for mountain team building during the summer. Groups that really want to "go for it" can camp out during the summer.


Skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are logical choices for Hokkaido, Sapporo, Niseko, Hakuba, Nagano and other snow belts in Japan. Other great winter picks include:

  • 8. backcountry tours
  • 9. avalanche training (not for the faint of heart)

You'll want to time your visit so that your group can take in one of Japan's fabulous winter festivals.

There are many areas in Japan that provide a perfect backdrop for winter team building.

All Year

  • 10. tea ceremonies
  • 11. pottery classes
  • 12. Japanese cooking classes
  • 13. sushi making challenges
  • 14. samurai sword making demos


Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo both offer some truly interesting activities for corporate groups including:

  • 15. team challenges with traditional toys and games (i.e. gasing, kabadi)
  • 16. Kaki Hantu (stilt walking)
  • 17. raft building and rafting competitions
  • 18. rickshaw races
  • 19. strawberry picking and strawberry dessert cooking competitions in the Cameron Highlands

Rainforest, MalaysiaJungle Survival Team Building takes corporate teams into Malaysia's rainforests and incorporates business exercises with outdoor team challenges. There are opportunities to interact with Malaysia's aboriginal people. Some of their survival skills and traditional games can be used for interesting team challenges.

  • 20. blow pipe competitions
  • 21. congkak tournament

Mountain team building can be offered in the highlands or in Borneo's Kinabalu Park, the location of Mount Kinabalu with the world's highest Via Ferrata.

  • 22. Via Ferrata (for those who dare)

Malaysia is the first place we offered Visexecutaries. Team sales and marketing challenges at local hawker stalls and night markets are a great way to give back to the community and stretch your team's marketing, sales, project management, and coaching skills.

Photo Credits: Asia Team Building & Events, Executive Oasis International

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