9 Quick Tips for Attracting Event Planning Website Visitors

Internet MarketingEvent planners who are launching new businesses naturally expect to get traffic from their fledgling websites. But online marketing isn't a "build it and they will come" scenario; instead, especially if your website is new, specific strategies are needed to spread awareness about your web presence.

It's important to quickly get up to speed on the basics of Internet marketing. These 9 quick tips will jumpstart your progress.

  1. Inform all existing contacts know about your website.
    The best way is to send an email, letting them know about the launch of your site and include a link. Whenever there are major changes to your site, notify your network.

    Important: Be sure that you adhere to local laws for permission marketing so that your e-mails aren't designated as spam. 
  2. Build your social media network starting with setting up accounts on all major channels and inviting existing contacts to join them.

    Start with LinkedIn and Twitter and then determine what other channels are relevant to your business.
  3. Participate in Twitter chats.
    It's the fastest way to get to know people and build your network of active social media users.
  4. Put your website and social media coordinates on business cards and all on-line and off-line communication.
  5. Event if you hire a designer to build your website, it's important to learn the basics of web design by taking a course or using an on-line tool.
  6. Join the Webmaster World community.
    It's one of the most helpful ways to learn the basics of managing and marketing a website. It will also help you keep abreast of changes at Google and other search engines.
  7. Blog regularly.
    Sharing helpful content and tips is one of the most powerful strategies for attracting web traffic. Participating in the #blogchat Twitter chats on Sunday evenings will help you pick up blogging tips. 
  8. Answer questions on Quora and include relevant links to your website and blog.
  9. Don't engage in keyword stuffing or exchanging links in an effort to boost traffic.
    It's the fastest way to get your website penalized by search engines.

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Photo Credit: Ivan Walsh

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