10 Tips for Using Triberr and Other Automated Twitter Tools

TriberrIn What's Up with the Triberr and Paper.li Bashing? we:

  • explored some of the issues related to automated social media tools
  • discussed the benefits they offer for event planners, hotels and hospitality industry brands

The related #eventprofs chat, Automated Tweets and Social Media Sharing - Love it or Hate it, cleared up several misconceptions.

For example, Dino Dogan from Triberr participated actively and Triberr officially confirmed that most of their shares are manually approved. So, the perception that Triberr users are simply sending out automated tweets for content they haven't seen is off.

As promised, here is a follow-up with tips for effective use of automated Twitter tools:

Automated Twitter Tools - Use Them, Don't Abuse Them

One pet peeve on which all participants in the #eventprofs chat agreed was that, since social media is social, tweetstreams consisting exclusively or primarily of automated tweets are definite turn-offs.

  1. Never Substitute Automation for Engagement.
    Use automated tools to space out your tweets or facilitate content sharing especially when you don't have online access but don't overdo it.
  2. Balance Automated Tweets with Live Contributions
    Twitter users want to interact and engage with the tweeps they follow so engage with your followers. Ask and answer questions. Participate in Twitter chats. Re-tweet great content.
  3. Avoid Blindly Sharing Most Content Shared Through Automated Tools.
    Take the time to read articles and blogs. Vet them to see if they are of a quality that is high enough to share with your followers. If you don't, people will detect this and unfollow you.

Now that we've established some ground rules, here are 10 Tips for Selective Social Media Automation (e.g. Triberr, Twitterfeed, Hootsuite)

  1. Pick a specific topic for each Triberr tribe and a tribe name that reflects its content.
  2. Create Triberr tribes for your brand.
    For example, hotels and resorts with properties in various locations can pull all of their blogs into one tribe under their brand name.
  3. Create Triberr tribes for specific conferences, business meetings or events.
  4. Don't just blindly join tribes or invite people to join your tribes.
    Review the blogs to ensure that they are of interest to your followers, in alignment with your branding and in harmony with your social media objectives.
  5. Read all content that requires manual approval before approving it.
  6. Customize tweets with hashtags and, when appropriate, add brief comments.
  7. Vary the hashtags so that you are not flooding the same channels all the time.
    For this reason, it's also important to go in after a day or two and modify the hashtags.
  8. Use automation selectively.
    Definitely use automation to save time when tweeting your own blogs. Automate approval of other content when you are not available for live tweeting due to meetings, client engagements or travel.
  9. Be selective when choosing bloggers for automatic approval on Triberr or Automated Tweets through Twitterfeed or Hootsuite.
    Only select bloggers who have consistently demonstrated high quality and alignment with your branding over time. I learned this the hard way. (See Twitter and Twitterfeed: A Delicate Balance).
  10. If you use hashtags with associated chats, schedule release of blogs on chat days for about 30 - 45 minutes after the scheduled end of a chat.
    During the #eventprofs chat Dino Dogan indicated that "Better control over share times is definitely a feature we want to develop." In the meantime, use the suggested work around as it is definitely frustrating to have chats interrupted by unrelated automated tweets.

One size does not fit all so no tool is appropriate for all event and meeting planners.  It's important to be selective and use tools the right tools for you appropriately to save time, streamline your social media contribution process and add value for people in your network.

Photo Credit: © Triberr Used with Permission

Next week, we will continue with a discussion of Tips for Using Content Aggregators.

Also, there have been requests to repeat the related #eventprofs Twitter Chat topic on #euventprofs so that event planners in Europe and Asia can attend. Please tune in on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 8 PM CET/2 PM EDT. Special guests Paper-li, Triberr, and Postano have been invited. Topic: Automated Tweets, Moderator: Anne Thornley-Brown @executiveoasis.

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