BEICC - A Unified Voice for the Canadian Meeting and Events Industry

Toronto City HallSome time ago I did a post called Keep Canada Meeting. I raised concerns that, while event and meeting planning associations in the U.S. were unifying to communicate the value of meetings, Canadians weren't seeing that kind of national advocacy. Also, data and statistics about the value of the Canadian meeting and events industry was hard to come by.

I called the heads of a number of organizations. I also posed the question on LinkedIn. Time went by and due to the efforts of many professionals, the formation of the Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada (BEICC) was announced at Incentiveworks in Toronto in August, 2009. BEICC was incorporated in December, 2009 and the first AGM was held in June, 2011.

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BEICC is a virtual coalition with membership from key Canadian meetings industry associations:

  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • Meeting Professionals International Canada
  • Site Canada
  • International Special Events Society Canada
  • Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners
  • Canadian Association of Exposition Management
  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).
  • Convention Centres of Canada

While the website is under development, it is already a source of key data including:

  • The $32.2-billion Canadian events industry is a powerful economic driver
  • When combined with travel and tourism and related industries such as airlines, hotels and resorts, it represents $71.1 billion.
  • The industry provides 550,000 full-time jobs.

Canadian ParliamentThe BEICC website also provides event planners with access to landmark studies such as the The MPI Foundation Canadian Meeting & Events Industry Economic Impact Study that was the main impetus for creating this unified voice for the Canadian meetings and events industry. While this initiative is still young, it's encouraging to see the Canadian industry joining its American cousins in communicating the value of business meetings, events and conferences.

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