5 Ways to Take the Boring Out of Beverage Service

Tag Vodka BarOften, when event planners discuss food and beverage, the focus is on hot culinary trends.

Last night, event planners who attended Incentiveworks (earlier this year) were welcomed at the opening VIP night of the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo taking place in Toronto all weekend.

In addition to cool culinary ideas and a wide of array of alcoholic concoctions, the show featured new non-alcoholic beverages and ideas that will ensure that beverage service anything but boring.

1. Vodka Bars

Add variety to cocktail receptions, with a vodka bar. Two at the show definitely appealed to millennials. Pravda Vodka Bar in downtown Toronto teamed up with Tag Vodka at this upscale vodka bar with DJ spinning two turntables. With an elevated neon sign that lit up one letter at a time, it drew in show visitors from across many aisles.

Palm Bay Spritzers Vodka BarAt the non-stop beach party for Palm Bay Island Spritzers, a DJ, surrounded by dancers, worked his magic from an the elevated bar that was on a platform.

Palm Bay creates playful vodka spritzers by throwing unexpected fruit blends like strawberry, pineapple, key lime cherry and pineapple orange into the mix.

2. Jamaican Ginger Beer

With my Jamaican origin, I grew up with Jamaican ginger beer, a non-alcoholic beverage with a definite kick to definitely spice up any beverage service. At Chef Felix Sano's booth, ginger beer complimented his Caribbean culinary creations.

Now an alcoholic version is also available through Royal Jamaican ginger beer. Offer both options to please all of your guests.

Royal Jamaican Ginger BeerSanpellegrion Clementina

3. Sanpellegrino Clementina

Traveling clear across the world to Italy, Sanpellegrino, known for its truly refreshing fruit flavor soft drinks unveiled Clementina, its newest flavor. Infused with clementine oranges, it's fresh, bright, and truly original.

4. Edible Shooters

Big Shott's adds the soothing smoothness of an ice cream cone to shots. These mini ice cream cones are lined with chocolate, filled with your favorite liqueur such and topped with whipped cream.

Remind guests to drink the liqueur completely before biting into the cone.

Chocolate shotsFrozen Cocktails

5. Frozen Cocktails

These pint sized frozen cocktails were truly refreshing. The options presented here by Island Originals Frozen Cocktail Mix are pina colada, margaritas and a colorful mixture of both.The tiny straws were a playful touch.

For more beverage ideas, check out 5 Specialty Cocktails to Match Your Destination City,  25 Super Cool Non-Alcoholic Beverages and  16 Marvelous Mocktails for Corporate Events on the Cvent Event Blog.

Photo Credits: Anne Thornley-Brown, Executive Oasis International

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